Rapid Growth In Technology Has Changed The World As We Know It

The world has grown so rapidly in technology that no one can now live without a computer. In late 20th century, the concept of automation progressed and now, it looks successful in the form of PDAs and laptops. But the question is how and what to do with this stuff?

The answer is simply anything. The limitations of complex tasks have now been removed but yet more is to be done. Let’s discuss the variable domains in which you can do anything.


In old times, those businesses were successful and profitable that were run by a large number of individuals having excellent interpersonal skills. Its main drawback was to pay the large mass of people and was difficult to find out such individuals due to lack of their experience.

If we look around now, we will come to know that the mass people is reduced to a minimum to minimize salary costs. What happened then? You can get your answer by looking at the table of every individual. Each table has a laptop or a desktop computer.

In large ones, every executive member has his or her own laptop as it makes easy for the individual to conduct important meetings in case of emergencies. Business can be spread internationally if you run it on computers. In a small business, laptops are simply used to handle tasks like record keeping, logistics, salary amounts, purchase and sales and so on…

It should be kept in mind before starting every business, whether small or large, don’t forget to bring computers first.


It is important to mention here the use of laptops or computers in the security of every business whether it is online or offline. Some business uses security cameras in assistance of a computer to monitor the activities around.

The monitoring is controlled by computers and the records are kept safe that may become useful in case of an incident.

Besides, Google, Yahoo, and other such companies protect their data from hackers or spams via a well-equipped team of professionals. Security checks over the internet have now become the identity of almost every website.


Initially, it was difficult to find educational institutes to get an education. You had to travel for this. But now, whether it is a school, college or a university, the most fruitful replacements of manpower is a computer.

Since it is a work to keep records of hundreds and thousands of students, the manpower is not enough to keep them in files ad registers as it was done in old times.

Nowadays, digital attendance is marked. Online study programs worldwide are the fruits of the advancements in the computer technology. Online tutorials sites are the most valuable thing for students of universities.

Military & Robotics

You know how deadly wars have fought in the past. If you study the history, you may come to know that the technology used in the warfare was poor as it was in WW1, WW2 and much more.

By the time, each country tried to apply recent advancement in the military to keep the nation safe from the attacks. Keeping in view the point, the recent strategy of the military is to make the defense resistant enough against the enemy.

Now the most powerful use of computers can be seen in the fighter aircraft’s missile system, landing gears, height, speed, wings control, and almost everything is computer controlled.

In ground equipment, tanks, jeeps, bullet-proof Humvees, and even soldiers wear such gears that use computers for operations. Anti-air defenses, radars, naval ships and helicopters, SAMs and UAVs are self-controlled by the special computers.

Robots have been made but smoothness in their movement are yet to be added. Most of the military hardware is robotic by the way.


Whether it is web development or building development, computers are up in here. A team of programmers is nothing without computers as they need a platform to the program.

Game programming companies like Activision, Frostbite etc. gained reputation from all over the world that contributed to the economy of a country. Websites are the body of the internet that are made only on laptops and computers instead.

So the internet is nothing without web developers. If you visit Dubai or UAE, you will see skyscrapers that are unique in their designs and are most beautiful from inside too.

In the enormous heat, the engineers have managed to build artificial snow falling plazas. Isn’t it interesting? Another interesting thing is that these designs are made just on laptops. A skyscraper originated from a minute thing.


The desire of earning money by ease is now fulfilled due to the computers. People used to travel to earn and have a pressure of their boss too.

It makes them tired and usually finds no time for their life. Online learning platforms are now available on websites such as Fiverr, Freelancer, UpWork etc. Just learn how to make accounts here and start selling your never ending talent here.

These platforms are only accessible via PDAs and most preferably laptops due to their portability. You can earn by blogging, logo & graphics designing, voice over, article writing and in many more ways.

Space Exploration

Earth and sea exploration are in progress but it is very valuable to mention the effects of computers in space exploration as well. We can travel the earth and can dive in the sea to explore the hidden secrets there but the question is how to explore space with enormous size.

Again the answer is given by computers. The telescope provides limited info about space but with the advent of artificial satellites and most recently by the help of Juno, we came to know the hidden secrets of Jupiter as well. We landed on mars and the moon just by the computer assistance.

The specialized computerized space crafts are under progress that will allow passengers to visit space for a short interval. Scientists are trying to use supercomputers to visualize space behavior but yet a lot more has to be discovered.

The term is quite difficult to describe all in words because the power of computers will increase day by day with the advancement of nanotechnology. Intel is trying to make processors more compact.

Companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Mac iOS and Android are trying to architect their PCBs to provide support for underdeveloped processors that will bring a lot more change in the living of the humans.