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Getac S400 Semi-rugged Notebook

Getac S400 Semi-rugged Notebook

The S400 body is made using Getac’s new KryptoShell™ body material. This new KryptoShell body allows the S400 to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G temperature, shock, vibration specifications including a 2.5 foot drop on six ...


Acer ICONIA Dual-screen Laptop

Acer ICONIA Dual-screen Laptop

Acer ICONIA combines a conventional 14” form factor with a unique dual-screen layout and highly intuitive all-point multi-touch functionality.


Lenovo’s ThinkPad X120e Ultraportable Laptop – 11.6-inch

Lenovo's ThinkPad X120e Ultraportable Laptop - 11.6-inch

Featuring an AMD Fusion E-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), the ThinkPad X120e gives users longer battery life – up to 30 percent longer – for more than six hours.


HP Pavilion dm1 Laptop: Compact and Stylish (11.6-inch)

HP Pavilion dm1 Laptop: Compact and Stylish (11.6-inch)

Designed for mobile user, this sleek laptop is aimed to bring notebook performance with the mobility of a netbook.


Toshiba’s New mini NB305 Netbook with Dual-core Processor

Toshiba's New mini NB305 Netbook with Dual-core Processor

The netbook features a sophisticated and sturdy Aluminum cover and the new Intel® Atom™ N550 dual-core processor.


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LuvBook U100 Coming To Japan

LuvBook U100

New UMPC similar to MSI Wind U100, the LuvBook U100 will be released in Japan by Mouse Computer. The release date is expected next month and priced approximately at 350€.

Our UMPC features a 10.2″ LCD screen in WSVGA resolution (1024×600), 1GB of RAM, 80GB of SATA HDD, an Intel ATOM N270 CPU (1.60GHz), an Intel 945GMS+ICH7M chipset, Wifi b/g, 1.3Mpix webcamera, and Bluetooth 2.0.


Panasonic Launched Toughtbook CF-U1 Tablet

Panasonic CF-U1

Panasonic just launched its first Toughtbook tablet PC based on Intel Atom processor, the CF-U1. The tablet boasts 1.33GHz Z520 CPU, 1 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of SSD instead of HDD. For connectivities, the CF-U1 support WiFi a/b/g as well as Bluetooth. Regarding operating system, this 5.6″ tablet runs both Windows XP or Vista. It’s expected to hit Japan store this year.

Like ALL Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs, the CF-U1 is pretty amazing and tough (Panasonic demonstrated this by dropping it 30 times(artistical quotation of 10/10) from a height of 1m20)! The Japanese company also demonstrated how their UMPC was water-resistant, and actually, you should be able to use your device under the rain without any problem!


2nd Generation of Fujitsu UMPC U210 Coming in July

Fujitsu U2010 Atom

Fujitsu plans to ship its second generation of UMPC U2010 in July with price tag around $1300. Unlike its predecessor, the new U210 will be based on new Intel’s 45nm Atom processor and sports a 6-row keyboard. Other known features include built-in 3.5G and GPS modules. As you can see in the image, this 5.6-inch lappie comes with a rotatable screen.


The New Panasonic Toughbook UMPC

Panasonic ToughBook UMPC

Panasonic showing off its new Toughbok UMPC at CeBIT 2008 in Germany. This rugged UMPC designed for outdoor and in-car use. Powered by Intel Atom (formerly Sivlerthorne) processor, this 5.6-inch Toughbook runs Windows Vista. No words on pricing, but it is mentioned to be available this fall.

What’s intriguing about this form factor is the keyboard that places the numeric keyboard in the middle of the keyboard, splitting up the QWERTY alignment.

Via GottaBeMobile

Gigabyte Has New UMPC: M700

Gigabyte M700 UMPC

The new the M700 currently being dsiplayed at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. As you can see on the image shown above, the M700 is so cute with its 7-inch screen.

Product’s Highlights: 7” Touch display, 1024×600, 1.2Ghz C7-M Via, CPU, 2GB, 40GB to 60GB of hard drive, Windows Vista Home Premium.

Via MobilitySite

Low Price UMPC from WIBRAIN: B1L


New UMPC that runs on Ubuntu Linux will hit Korean market. The price of UMPC range between $421 and $521 depends on the configuration. And as mentioned on the title, this UMPC is WIBRAIN ‘B1L’ that powered by 1GHz processor and equipped with 4.8-inch display screen at 1024 x 600 pixel resolution.

It will come with four different models depending on the type of HDD, memory and CPU. Windows XP software is provided optionally for users’ convenience.

Via Aving

New UMPC from LG


I am not sure whether the new LG UMPC was displayed during CES 2008 a few weeks ago, but it was reported to be there. Featuring 4,8-inch touchscreen, the UMPC will boast 1GB of memory based on Intel Menlow platform.

The new LG UMPC which still has no name, equipped with 40GB storage and support HSDPA, WiFi, and Bluetooth for connectivities. A QERTY keyboard also included.

Via GottabeMobile

The Upcoming Asus R3 UMPC

Asus R3

Expected to ship sometime in 2008, the upcoming Asus R3 boast 1024 x 600 pixel resolution on its 4.8-inch display screen. We know this is not the first Asus UMPC, and it should be has extra features compare to the previous products line. The shape is look like a Sony PSP, that also mentioned by and i think it is.

The Asus R3 will come with integrated GPS navigation and without physical keyboard, is 2008 is the full touchscreen era? i don’t think so. Other features have not been mentioned yet neither the pricing, lets wait for some times.

Via UberGizmo | Find Asus UMPC at and save!

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